Nonprofits impact the community, both locally and within the nation as a whole. Statistics estimate that nonprofits employ roughly 7-8% of the global workforce, offering both paid and volunteer opportunities. Beyond that, the impact that each creates affects thousands in a given demographic or service area. 

Below, we’re exploring different ways that nonprofits that operate in the Triangle area of NC enact change—and how you can be a part of it all. 

Volunteer opportunities within nonprofit organizations nurture a sense of community

No matter what capacity volunteers serve in, these opportunities support all members of our local Raleigh, Durham,and Chapel Hill communities. Volunteers connect over the shared ability to create positive change in their communities. Not only do volunteers allow for more work to be done within the community at no cost. In the 2023 Do Good Institute report, an hour of volunteer time costs $31.80. The use and support of volunteers allows for a nonprofit to keep their overhead costs low which allows for more resources to be used in the community.  

Nonprofits offer resources to those that need them 

Whether recipients are looking for food, medical care or other basic human needs, nonprofits are able to fulfill these needs through grants, governmental funding, or private funding along with resources or  other forms of support. The sharing of resources  elevates the community as a whole, while providing a positive impact to those that are directly affected. 

Nonprofits in Raleigh can raise awareness for local causes 

Many may not be aware of the breadth of need all around them. Nonprofits create awareness around these areas of need, fostering further impact in a sustainable way. The effects created by the work of these nonprofits  can be felt for months and years after the initial awareness is raised. 

Nonprofits elevate communities 

These positive changes create lasting cumulative effects that result in a stronger and elevated community and social experience for all. Any investments of time or resources into nonprofit efforts are strong ones. 

Meet CASA—The Nonprofit operating in Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh who is Creating Change For Those Experiencing Homelessness 

At CASA, we own and manage affordable housing opportunities for those in need.  Our mission is  made possible with collaboration from our volunteers and our donors. We thank you for your continued support—and look forward to working with you to create a greater impact for local residents of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and the surrounding areas.