A year and a half ago, CASA staff members met with Dave Spannhake and Chad Graves of Reunion Marketing, a local digital marketing firm right down the street from our Raleigh office.  After hearing all the amazing ways they could help us share our mission with a wider audience, we were feeling kind of sad that we couldn’t really afford to hire them – and then they offered to donate all of their services at no cost to CASA.

Since then, Reunion has helped us revamp our online presence, share our story with people across the country, increase our presence in online search results and across social media platforms, and earn the support of lots of new donors.  Our Marketing Consultant, Lizzie Robinson, has more ideas and energy than we can keep up with – and she’s always there to save the day when our website goes down!  She and Brad Smith, Reunion’s CFO, are active members of our Fund Development Committee.  And the Reunion Team has even volunteered to landscape a CASA property and staff fundraising events.  To Dave, Reunion’s founder and CEO, it’s clear that his passion for solving homelessness is personal AND professional.  He’s living it out with his staff on a day to day basis in all that they give to us, and we are so honored to be their partners.

We can’t really remember what life was like without the Reunion Marketing team.  During our 2018 Holiday Campaign, Reunion’s hard work doubled the donations we saw on our website in 2017 and helped us sail right past our campaign goal by nearly $20,000.  And last year, Reunion Marketing implemented a fun new way to thank our most generous donors – with a Partner of the Month program.

So this January, we are thrilled to recognize Reunion Marketing as our Partner of the Month. Thank you for an outstanding effort during our holiday campaign and year round!  We’re so grateful to have you as a partner, and we love working with you.