Jimmy has lived in his apartment in Durham since 2011– long before CASA owned the building. The community he lives in was purchased by CASA several years ago as a preservation project. This means instead of his apartment being sold to a for-profit developer and being forced to move, Jimmy was able to stay in his apartment at an affordable rate.

Jimmy is a veteran and served in the Marine Corps. He was as a nurse for 17 years. Prior to COVID, he conducted bible studies through his church’s prison ministry– he’s looking forward to going back once they allow volunteers again. Always caring for others, he checks in on his neighbors and makes sure everyone’s okay. He tells us one of his neighbors is afraid of using the stove, so he’ll often bring her homecooked meals to make sure she’s gotten enough to eat.

Jimmy is quick witted, smart, and hilarious. He casually mentioned his doctorate in Theology from American University, following with, “Yes– I know just about everything”. We’re grateful to have a CASA resident like Jimmy, spreading happiness everywhere he goes.