We are thrilled to present our March Partner of the Month is Nancye Bryan.

When Nancye was introduced to CASA, she had already been involved with affordable housing and the unhoused population since the late 1990s. Initially, she served on, and eventually chaired, the board of a small Durham non-profit, Next Step Housing. In time, Next Step Housing was incorporated into CASA, and Nancye was appointed to CASA’s board of directors and served as its chair for 2 years.

Nancye’s advocacy and leadership helped propel CASA’s expansion into Durham. For all that Nancye Bryan has done for CASA in the last two decades and affordable housing across the Triangle, it was unanimously decided that CASA’s newest development in Durham would be named in her honor. Bryan Place will be a 16-unit property that is dedicated to folks who are exiting homelessness and who are living with a disability.

“I deeply appreciate CASA’s naming this newest Durham building in my honor!  It’s been wonderful working with an organization that has been so life-changing for over 600 people. These individuals, whose lives were fraught with so many challenges, now have homes that are decent, safe, and affordable. And I have the greatest regard for the staff at CASA. They are dedicated, compassionate, and a pleasure to work with.”

CASA is grateful for all that she has done for this community. Thank you, Nancye, for your kind heart and open arms.