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Content Updated June 19, 2019

At CASA, we believe that no veteran of our Armed Forces should face homelessness. We’re proud to have constructed affordable veteran housing in Raleigh and Durham, NC. Across our nearly 500 units, roughly 23% of our tenants are veterans.

In 2018, two North Carolina communities — Cumberland County/Fayetteville and Winston-Salem — were able to declare an end to veteran homelessness in their areas. We’re working hard to help Raleigh and Chapel Hill achieve the same important milestone.

How can you get involved to help our community succeed with this goal? There are many things you can do to help veterans who are homeless or recovering from homelessness.

4 Ways to Help Homeless Veterans in the Triangle

Those who risk their lives to protect our freedom should never have to worry about where they’ll sleep at night. You can make a big difference in the life of a veteran facing homelessness. Here are 4 ways to give back in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Join Volunteers of America of the Carolinas

Volunteers of America of the Carolinas supports veterans who are homeless by providing them with transitional housing and case management services. Volunteers of all kinds are welcome. Some of the volunteer activities include:

  • Assist at the Veterans Resource Center, where you can help veterans who come by with everything from job searching to budgeting — or just keep them company.
  • Help staff manage the office and facility.
  • Sort donated clothing to help veterans find the right outfit for a job interview, church, etc.

You can also volunteer as a group and offer activities for the local veteran community, such as a group meal or a game night.

Support Local Emergency Shelters

It’s important to support local emergency shelters who provide immediate relief from the streets for homeless veterans. Shelters are often in need of financial donations, household items, and volunteers. The Salvation Army in particular offers shelter, rehabilitation, and other services for veterans across the Triangle.

Contribute or Volunteer at Veteran’s Stand Down Events

Modeled after the “Stand Down” concept in the Vietnam War, veterans’ Stand Down events provide a safe space for homeless veterans to shower, change into clean clothing, enjoy a hearty meal, receive medical care, legal and mental health assistance, and more.

Contributions and volunteering are important necessities for these events. Reach out to your local county government to learn more about the next Stand Down event and how you can get involved. The latest Stand Down in Raleigh was in November 2018.

Support CASA’s Affordable Veteran Housing Initiatives

Whether you’re looking to donate your time or money, CASA appreciates the help with fighting veteran homelessness in the area. You can help us maintain our affordable housing options by volunteering on our properties.

You can also support CASA’s efforts to build more veteran housing by becoming a monthly donor.

Want more information on giving back to homeless veterans in your area? Contact CASA today — we’re happy to help guide you in getting involved.