New Year’s resolutions are an excellent way to turn over a new leaf. But two problems exist with them: They are usually only designed to better yourself, and they are not often followed for long. The solution is to design a set of New Year’s resolutions that are both easy to adhere to and focused on improving the lives of others. If you live in the Triangle, that could mean dedicating yourself to any number of the great Raleigh nonprofits.


Below are some small and easy things you can do to help out people in need, including those experiencing homelessness in Raleigh, in 2021. 

Shop smart

There are many retailers who donate a small portion of their profits to various charities. One popular example is AmazonSmile, which donates 0.5% of every purchase price to the charity of your choice. 


Get to know the companies that donate some of their profits or help the needy in other ways and support those businesses when you shop. 

Get active

It isn’t hard to find 5K races, golf tournaments, bike rides and many other activities that raise money for charities and nonprofits. Whatever sort of hobby you partake in, there’s bound to be a fundraising version of it that allows you to do what you enjoy while serving a greater good at the same time. 

Do some spring cleaning

If you plan to do any spring cleaning in 2021 (as we all should every year), consider donating those old belongings to a charity rather than to the garbage can. There are countless charities that accept furniture, clothes, appliances, and other household items, and many organizations will even pick up the items right from your front door. 

Round up and donate

There are various apps such as ChangeBowl and RoundUp that will round up your purchases to the nearest dollar, and then donate the difference to a charity of your choice. It’s the easiest way of giving because you don’t have to do anything but sign up and spend. 

Get involved

Perhaps the most effective way of making a difference in the lives of the needy is to get directly involved by volunteering or donating to a charitable organization. CASA supports a number of volunteer opportunities, along with easy ways to donate online.   


Give these resolutions a try to make 2021 a year to better yourself as well as the lives of those in need.