Affordable Housing

“Affordable housing” describes dwelling spaces in a community that are financially accessible for those with low to moderate incomes. More affordable housing in Chapel Hill and Raleigh is crucial in combating homelessness and providing a foundation for thriving neighborhoods.

The Challenge of Affordable Housing in Raleigh and Chapel Hill

As these cities grow and prosper, housing prices escalate, making it difficult for many residents to find homes that fit their budgets. The lack of affordable housing contributes to homelessness in Raleigh, NC. When housing costs exceed affordability thresholds, the risk of homelessness increases, requiring concerted efforts to provide more affordable housing in Raleigh as a preventive measure.

Homelessness in Chapel Hill, NC, also mirrors the state’s broader issue. Ensuring affordable housing is available is a crucial strategy in combating homelessness here, creating a more inclusive community where everyone can thrive and showing the entire state how to develop more sustainable cities.

How Can You Help?

Support Development Initiatives

By backing projects that promote affordable housing, you can directly influence the availability of lower-cost homes. Organizations like CASA are pivotal in this endeavor.

Discover how you can aid our development projects for affordable housing in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, and learn more about what we do so you can see just what progress has already been made and how big a difference your donation can make.

Contribute to the Housing Solution Fund

Your monetary contributions can significantly impact our efforts to reduce homelessness in Raleigh, NC, and homelessness in Chapel Hill, NC. The CASA Housing Solution Fund is a targeted initiative supporting affordable housing in Chapel Hill and Raleigh by helping make up the difference between what low-income residents can afford to pay in rent and the actual cost of providing their housing.

Residents at CASA pay 30% of their income for rent—the “gold standard” of affordability. We need your help to keep rents affordable.

Educate Yourself and Others

Understanding the critical role of affordable housing is crucial. Resources such as Rocket Mortgage offer educational material on affordable housing to help you understand the situation’s nuances so you can help advocate for others.

Volunteer in Your Community

Dedicate your time to organizations that address homelessness in our communities. Volunteering can provide much-needed support to those working to end this crisis. It can give you a better understanding of what causes homelessness, how affordable housing plays into it, and what solutions will work for our community.

Take a Stand With Us

Get involved in our mission to eradicate homelessness. Your involvement is crucial. Visit CASA today to take action and help build a community where everyone has a place to call home.